The perfect cuppa

We made! it onto the wall.

800 Penryn project for a town in Cornwall


The Perfect Cuppa…

Was a 2D short animation, which we produced to celebrate, the marking of 800 years since Penryn, a town in cornwall (uK) was founded. we decided base our animation around Peter Mundy, who was a Seventeenth-Century merchant trader/Traveller and writer, who went around travelling and tasting tea around the world.  So we focused on his Tea tasting, side of things and worked out a story based around that. 

The animation was created in Cel-Action and it came out very well, everyone in the team got to grips with the software really well Considering non of us had used it before. It also meant we were one of the few groups to actually complete our film on time, for the deadline and have a good story, to follow within the animation. The film came out looking very clean and clear, with strong visuals. Maybe sometime in years to come, i get to work on more projects using cel- action, because it creates Interesting animation designs. Hope you enjoy the film if you haven't watched it yet.  

Test Shot for the boat: