Stop Motion, live action film.



Was a live action, stop motion project. It was created by some film students at the university, who needed help with the animation aspect of the film because they didn't know anything about how animation worked. we were recruited for Completing the stop motion part of the film, at the time it was a side project to us and our crew was made up of only 3 animators me, Sophia Trainor and Adam Morris, we all worked really well together. 

Unfortunately, they had to run on a very tight schedule and that meant we only had a week, in which to complete all the stop-motion animation, because of timetabling and people being busy, it meant we had only about 3 days, in which we really could animate. Thankfully when we did actually get to animate it went very smoothly and we all seem to be very Enthusiastic about it all throughout. The only downside to it all was how slimy the eel (pieces of fimo) became when we had to oil them up to look slimy. we ended up with black charcoal coloured hands, covered in oil by the end of every shoot, wasn't very nice. 

once we had finished all the animation, for the film we had some amazing things, to put on our showreels. however, In the end, the film students didn't complete the film as it wasn't what they were aiming for and decided to do nothing with the work we had done. Hopefully, in the future, I get to work on more stop-motion films like this, as it was very challenging but in a very inspirational way.  Hope you enjoy the film if you haven't watched it yet.