My Test shot.



This was a Brief were we had to create come up with our own stories using cards we were given at the start, mine were Rubber Duck, Easter island and soaps, Unfortunately, my idea didn't get picked but people thought it was a laugh still. we then had to pick groups, I chose to help Jade Leavesley, bring her story to life (see the animatic / story ideas below). the concept was about a Murderous Robin Chef, that will do anything to get his next best dish. the cards she was dealt were cooking show, robin and Russian animation. Above is my test shot for the pitch bible, we did. 

by the end, we came up with some brilliant, Background/character designs, that I and Chandani Parekh made and jade Leavesley made some lovely concept pieces. Sadly we weren't allowed to make it, into an actual animation and we only got to do test shots. it would have been lovely to have seen this as a whole animation, or a series. Hope you enjoy the test shot if you haven't watched it yet. 

Animatic By Jade Leavesley.


Backgrounds created by me

and inspired by Jades Animatic:


Villain Line-up created by me that inspired,

Chandani Parekh and Jade Leavesly

to create the turnarounds:


Concept Art by Jade Leavesley: