Paranormal Flat-Tivity

Horror, Student comedy.


Paranormal Flat-Tivity…

this was the first Project I had, while at the University. the Brief we had was to come up with a 2-minute max Cinematography film, based on a genre of our own choice, however, it had to be completed on University grounds and had had permission to use student flats if we wanted them, in the film. So the Genre we chose was Horror/Comedy, which we believed would be easier to complete, with the limited places we were allowed to film. 

In the end, we managed to complete it, after a lot of editing and trimming of the length to get it to our maximum 2-minute film. We all came together really well and completed the film in no time at all, which was outstanding since none of us had done anything like this before. As you saw in the video above, it was called Paranormal Flat-Tivity, the name wasn't very Original, but we feel that we made a film that most students could relate to. Hope sometime in the future, I get to work on more Horror Genre films. Hope you enjoy the film if you haven't watched it yet.