over the road


Turnarounds and Character designs, 

by Lizzie Seagrave and Kayleigh George.

Animatic for a 3rd year film that never got finished unfortunately.


Over The Road…

3rd Year 2D Animation created by kayleigh George. the film is about a boy called Arthur, who notices that his next door neighbour, Milton (old man) hasn't collected his bottle of milk, like he does every day, so goes to Find out why and ends up in a sticky situation. 

This was the first project where my main role was A Foley Artist, it was very inspirational, to work solely on Foley and not have to worry about anything else. i felt in that me and Martin Tomkinson, who i was working with, did a very moving job with the sounds and helped to bring the emotion out in the film. Sadly, in the end, the animation wasn't completed, despite this, i gained lots of experience working on the project, and it has inspired me in so many ways, that i cannot wait for Future projects, where i can just focus on the Foley. i would love to, Later on in life, end up working on more 2D animations and stop Motion films, with lovely heartfelt stories like this. Hope you enjoy the Animatic if you haven't watched it yet. 

Skip Cycle, Animated by me.


Concept art by Kristina Ewins.